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Gloucestershire County Championships (Blocks)

For 2017 the qualifying times are more stringent than they were in 2016. There are also conditional entry times, which are the same as the qualifying times for 2016. Having a qualifying time means that you are guaranteed an entry. A conditional entry time means that if there is space you will enter. Spaces will depend upon how many people enter, and how many are in your age group. Trimming of conditional entries will be done on time for each age group.

There are two additional changes worthy of note.

If you use a swim hat then the hat must be a Penguins hat. Any other affiliation – UBSC, school or previous swimming club, regional or national qualifiers’ hat, even Gloucester County – will not be accepted. There is still discussion about allowing a ‘neutral’ hat – i.e. no affiliation other than the manufacturer’s brand name.

The second is that if you win a medal you must wear a shirt, preferably a Penguins shirt, when you go up to collect your medal.

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The next two are only if really curious about the rules for entering the Blocks. Note that these are drafts and will be modified slightly. The changes will not affect anything; it will be to generalise the exceptions around UBSC and City of Bristol to apply to all clubs.

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