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Another great weekend for the Age Group Development squad at the Gloucestershire County Championships, February 2019



Competitions were rather disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. At the end of the year we managed two sets of time trials, ‘Level X‘ with an Swim England approved minimum set of judges, and conventional time trials where we did not resource Swim England signed off officials. The results of both of these may be downloaded.

Level X 2020

Time trials 2020

Both Level X and Time trial results mark swimmers against the Swim England Competitive Swimming Speed Awards. Badges may be purchased to mark these awards.

The standards are based around Swim England benchmark times for 12-13 year old swimmers.

The awards are split into Sprint (25m, 50m and 100m); Middle Distance (All 200m & 400m freestyle) and Distance (400m IM, All 800m and 1500m Freestyle).

The idea is to get the circular round badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and have each of the strokes under the badge. The round badges are for display purposes and the strips are earned according to the time. You only need to get one sprint time.  E.g. If you get the time in 25m Free, then you get the badge and once you get it in 50m free you don’t get any further badges for the Sprint. You can get an idea of the badges / flashes from this image, borrowed from Wellingborough Swimming Club. If you would like to buy a badge + flash please contact Jeremy Dudley to place an order. The price is approximately £3 per badge and £1.50 per strip – we will confirm the latest prices from the Swim England prior to committing to an order.


We start the year with the Cotswold’s League. Round 1 was swum at Backwell.

1 Backwell 165
2 City of Bristol 133
3 Bristol Penguins 118
4 Cwmbran 95

Cotswold Series 2020 round 1 results


Round 2 was hosted by us, at Easton.

1 Bristol Penguins 158
2 Taunton Deane 156
3 Burnham-on-Sea 125
4 Norton Radstock 78

JP agreed to join swimmers in the pool if we won …

Thank you to all the parents who helped run the gala! And thank you to Delphine G for doing the announcing.

Cotswold Round 3

Cotswold Swimming League Round 3 2020

1 Brockworth 158
2 Cheddar 153
3 Bristol Penguins 141
4 Dursley 77


The coronavirus outbreak has prevented the 4th round from taking place. We will update the league news as we get any!

Junior Gala February 2020

1 Backwell 176
2 Academy Burnham Blue 175
3 Southwold 170
4 Penguins 2 150
5 Penguins 1 146
6 Academy Burnham White 113

Junior Gala Feb 2020

A big thank you to all those parents who helped run the gala!



We had problems with the website and lost content from c. April – July. Please let us know if you cannot find anything, and we will add it back. We have added what we are aware was lost.

Development gala, Burnham on Sea

Burnham Swim Academy Gala results

Clifton College friendly gala

Clifton College Gala resullts

Bristol School Swimming Association

2019 secondary school results currently being hosted on main BSSA web site.

Heat 1 results

Heat 2 results

Winter Series

Winter Series Round 1

Winter Series Round 2 2019

Winter Series 2019 round 3

National Arena

Round 1

Gala results – all teams

National Arena 2019 round 1

Round 2

Gala results – all teams

National Arena Round 2 2019

November 2019 R2 Results

Round 2 results in table format Nov 2019

Round 3

National Arena 2019 Round 3

Final division positions

Promotions and demotions

Gala results

14th December – Newport. Penguins have made the A Final.

Badminton School friendly gala


Penguins – Badminton Junior Gala October 2019

Tim Bratchell

Tim Bratchell 17th Memorial Gala 2019


Southern Junior League, A Final

Southern Junior League A Final 2019


Southern Junior League, Round 2

Southern Junior League Round 2 2019


Southern Junior League, Round 1

This was held at Horfield. Bristol Penguins were delighted to come first against excellent local clubs. The Southern Junior League also runs a virtual gala, where the times from all teams are pooled together to produce an overall ranking. Penguins came fourth in that.

The results are here.

1 Bristol Penguins   264
2 Cirencester        247
3 Keynsham           246
4 Severnside Tritons 202
5 Marlborough        153
6 Southwold          125
7 Bristol North      112

Novice gala, May 2019

Congratulations to AST Burnham on a well-won gala.

1 AST Burnham 217
2 Severnside Tritons 172
3 Backwell 168
4 Penguins 160
5 Bristol North 112
6 Soundwell 105

Novice Gala may 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped us run this gala, from the visiting clubs and Penguins. From Penguins we had

Sue Rees, Sue Lyon, Kasidit Leoviriyakit, Kevin Williamson, Valeria Gemini, Paul Spencer, Heidi Hibbitt, John Gerrish, Yvonne Barbaszynska, Jamie Cornish, Laura Jakeways, Sophie Kilmartin, Eddie Kilmartin, and Jacqueline Coackham


Miniseries Round 4


mini series round 4 2019

Miniseries Round 3

1 Clevedon 213
2 Severnside Tritons 211
3 Weston super Mare 191
4 Bristol Penguins 166
5 City of Bristol 160
6 Soundwell 118

Miniseries Round 3

Cotswold Round 4

We hosted this gala. Thank you to all from Penguins who helped:

Paul Spencer, Simon Garside, Alex Coakham, Sue Rees, Hazel Lopez, Sarah Paul, Lumi Achim, Andrei Oleinik, Alin Achim, JP Holmes, Suzie Lambert, Deanne Fitzpatrick and Selina Ware.

Thank you also to all those from Backwell, Bridgewater and Wells who helped!

This was a close gala, with Bridgewater and Wells neck-and-neck until nearly the end, while Backwell and Penguins were also close for 3rd and 4th place until nearly the end. Lots of good swims from our team.

Results by club

Cotswold League Round 4 Penguins results

Bridgewater      151
Wells            140
Bristol Penguins 116
Backwell         108


23rd March 2019 – David Bryant Gala

This is one of our memorial galas, held in memory of one of our volunteers.

David Bryant was a parent volunteer at Penguins. He was the Gala Organiser, and would help the team managers with getting teams ready for competitions, and the officials and helpers that were required. His wife, Janice, was a teacher with Penguin’s and his son, Wayne, was a swimmer. He was very well liked. David and Janice also provided the Penguin’s banner which we bring out to galas.

He was taken ill with heart problems and sadly passed away in the BRI before he could have surgery. He died on the day of our AGM, the last Wednesday in April 1994.

It was a great shock at the time, because it was quite sudden and he was fairly young, 42. He was greatly missed. After he passed away the Club held a sponsored swim in his memory and raised money to redecorate a day room at the BRI.

We have swum this gala since Janice and Wayne gave us the trophy awarded to the winner.

Recent winners are

2018    Cirencester

2017    Cirencester

2016    Severnside Tritons

2015   Cirencester

2014   Bristol Penguin

The programme is here

The gala results are here

And the Penguins-specific results

Severnside Tritons 224
Southwold          193
Cirencester        165
Bristol Penguins   164
AST Burnham        151
Soundwell          107

1st, 2nd and 3rd places being awarded trophies by Wayne Bryant, David’s son

Cotswolds Round 3 – Monmouth

A plucky result from a small team, with lots of swimming up.

Thank you to JP, Simon G, Alin A, John T and Adrian C for their help with judging and team management.

Cinderford         157
Bath Dolphins      128
Taunton Deane      127
Bristol Penguins   105

Cotswold League Round 3

Miniseries round 2

Severnside Tritons               232
Clevedon                         207
Soundwell                        179
Weston super Mare                164
City of Bristol                  152
Bristol Penguins                 132

Miniseries Round 2


Cotswold Round 2 – Weston / Hutton Moor





City of Bristol



Bristol Penguins



Dursley Dolphins


Results are here.


Fun gala, February 2nd, Easton

The programme is here. As usual, there will be no printed copies.

Results are here for the results by team.

For the Penguins-specific results, where we know the swimmers, please click here

Derek & Val Morrow Memorial Gala

Results are here.

The final points are

1 Severnside Tritons 241
2 Soundwell 211
3 Cardiff City 197
4 Bristol Penguins 165
5 Gloucester City 153
6 Burnham on Sea 91

Cotswolds – Round 1, January 2019

Cotswold Round 1 results are here.

The final points are

1 Bristol Henleaze 171
2 Bristol North 133
3 Bristol Penguins 121
4 Burnham on Sea 99


Miniseries – Round 1, January 2019

We start 2019 with the Mini Series, held at Horfield on the 5th January. Penguins use this as a development gala, to give swimmers experience of competitive galas. (The Novice and Development galas we run are usually lenient about disqualifications. The Mini series is the start of galas where disqualifications are not treated as advisories.)

The results are here. The final points are

1 Clevedon 249
2 Severnside Tritons 232
3 Weston super Mare 197
4 Soundwell 153
5 City of Bristol 121
6 Bristol Penguins 119


Thank you to everyone who helped: David Cousins, Simon Garside, Tom Patrick, Eleanor Molyneaux and Nic Baynton



National Arena 3rd Round: Division 2, A Final

Gala results

Penguins-only results

1 Team Bath AS 359
2 Bristol Penguins SC 267
3 Tiverton SC 229
4 Dawlish SC 204
5 Llanelli SC 200
6 Yeovil SC 188
7 Chard SC 174
8 Kingsbridge Fishers SC 172

Autumn series round 3 – the final!

Easton, 8th December 2018

Results are here.

Severnside 154

Bristol Penguins 2 127

Bristol Penguins 1 123

Southwold 98

Series result

Severnside Tritons 1st

Bristol Penguins 2nd

Southwold 3rd


Development Gala, 24th November 2018

Results are here.

1 Severnside Tritons 2 281
2 Severnside Tritons 1 276
3 Bristol Henleaze H 263
4 Bristol Henleaze C 246
5 Academy Swim Burnham Blue 234
6 Bristol Penguins 1 201
7 Bristol Penguins 2 189
8 Academy Swim Burnham White 177

Thank you to everyone who helped: John-Paul Holmes, Ben Mullen, Sue Rees, Julie Liley, Martyn Quick, Lizzy Lett-Charnock, Jo Colls, Jon Toy, Simon Garside, Rachel Evans, Stacey Jones, Laura Jakeways, Katie Jansse, Rob Thompson, Federica Faggian, Gianluca Casali, Paul Spencer, Yvonne Barbaszynska, Sam Spear, Alice Brotherton, Julie Johnso, Anna Patrick, Lisa Gibson, Robert Hayes – hopefully everyone is covered! And aso to the volunteers from the other clubs, with special mention of Alan from Henleaze, stepping in as the second referee.


Copies of the programme are available here

National Arena Round 2

The gala results sheet is here

Men’s final relay: Video here

Penguins Autumn League Round 2

The programme for this can be found here: Bristol Penguin Autumn Series Round 2 programme

The results are here. Some of the relays may not have quite the right swimmers down – if you know better please do let Jeremy know, and he will update the records.

Novice Gala, 3rd November 2018

The results are here: Novice gala November 2018



Penguins Autumn League Round 1

The results are here: Penguins Autumn League 2018 Round 1

1 Severnside Tritons 199
2 Penguins 1 191
3= Penguins 2 149
3= Southwold 149
5 Academy Burnham 81

National Arena League Round 1

National Arena League Round 1 2018

Gala results sheet: 13.10.2918. Div 2 Western

1 Bristol Penguins 294
2 Tiverton 261
3 Dawlish 243
4 Bridgewater 231
5 Llanelli ASC 211
6 CoB B 208
7 Soundwell B 180
8 Wellington 159

Southern junior league round  – the B final


1 Cirencester 172
2 Exeter City 165
3 Bristol Penguins 136
4 Trowbridge 135
5 Swim Bournemouth 125


Southern junior league round 2

Southern Junior League Round 2 2018

Miniseries round 5 – THE FINAL

Mini Series 2018 round 5

Teams Round 5 – 16/06/18 Total Cumulative
Position score Position score
Clevedon 2 220 1 879
Severnside Tritons 1 223 2 820
Bristol Penguins 3 203 3 817
Backwell 4 174 4 683
Soundwell 5 140 5 498
Weston-super-Mare 6 112 6 490

Miniseries round 4

Miniseries round 4 results

Southern Junior League Round 1

Southern Junior League 2018 round 1

Cotswold A Final

Thank you to every one who helped! Hosting, we could not have done it without you!
Cotswold A final results

Cotswold Round 4

Junior gala results

Fun gala April 2018

Junior gala results

Fun gala April 2018

Junior gala results

David Bryant 2018

Dave Bryant Gala 2018

Cotswold Series Round 3 2018

cotswold 2018 round 3

Cotswold Series Round 2 2018

cotswold 2018 round 2

Junior Gala Feb 2018

Junior Gala Feb 2018

Race results for all lanes

Cotswold Series Round 1 2018

Cotswold Series 2018 Round 1

Mini series Round 1 2018

Mini Series 2018 Round 1