Swim Academy
Lead Coach: Polly Mullen
The Swim Academy teaches children to swim from ages 5-9 years old between Stages 5 and 7.


Club Squads
Lead Coach: Polly Mullen
The Junior Club, Age Group Club and Youth Club Squads coach swimmers aged 10-18 years old to improve stroke technique and aquatic skills, whilst enjoying swimming for fitness.


Development Squads
Lead Coach: Josh Jobbins
The Development Squads coach swimmer aged 9 to 11 years old to learn all four strokes correctly and learn starts, turns and finishes. This is when swimmers are introduced to competition in some galas and introductory Open Meets.


Bronze Development and Bronze
Lead Coaches: David Cousins and Andrej Baranovskij
These squads of swimmers aged 10-13 years old are coached to improve all their technical abilities. These Age Group swimmers gain County and some Regional times in a range of competitions. Swimmers begin to learn pre-pool training habits, tactical awareness and further their knowledge and understanding of how to train effectively and perform.


Youth 1
Lead Coach: Josh Jobbins
This squad of swimmers aged 13-15 years old is for Youth swimmers gaining County and some Regional times. These swimmers complete pre and post pool training and progress their technical, tactical and psychological understanding of how to prepare effectively, train and perform.


Youth 2
Lead Coach: Jason Silcox
This squad is for Youth swimmers aged 14-18 years old gaining Regional times. These swimmers complete pre and post pool training and further progress their physical, technical, tactical and psychological development in order to maximize their potential as performers.


Lead Coach: Andrej Baranovskij
This squad is for 18 year olds and older. It is a great squad for those who want to maintain fitness, whilst some swimmers choose to compete for the club in gala series such as the spring league.