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The July 2019 personal bests: July 2019 PBs

Age is at the end of 2019.

The PB list gives you an indication of performance against the entry times for the 2019 Gloucester County Championships (the Blocks).  An NA means that the entry is not permitted – 25 m events, or swimmer too young. The interesting columns are the two marking if you have a PB that meets the entry time (qualifying time), and if you have a PB that is within 2.5% of the entry time. If you are interested in competing at the Blocks, you must have a qualifying PB that is on the ASA official list – the Rankings (link here) This is usually a time achieved at an open meet, and has to be achieved in 2019 for the 2020 Blocks. So – if you have a qualifying time that is not on the rankings, it is worth entering an open meet to convert that time to an official time. Since you don’t always swim as fast as your PB, you may want to enter more than one open meet to improve your chances. If you do have a ranked qualifying time you may wish to improve on it, as if over-subscribed the Blocks will drop swimmers based on slowest first (with other criteria – pro-rata on number entered in an age group, for example).


If you are within 2.5% of the entry time you may be able to achieve an entry time, and again should consider entering that at open meets. The numbers in the columns are how many seconds you are off the entry time – a negative number is how far past the entry time you are. A positive number is the improvement that you need to make.



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