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Team captains for the 2016 Tim Bratchel

Southern junior league round 2

Southern Junior League Round 2 2018

Miniseries round 5 – THE FINAL

Teams Round 5 – 16/06/18 Total Cumulative
Position score Position score
Clevedon 2 220 1 879
Severnside Tritons 1 223 2 820
Bristol Penguins 3 203 3 817
Backwell 4 174 4 683
Soundwell 5 140 5 498
Weston-super-Mare 6 112 6 490

Miniseries round 4

Miniseries round 4 results

Southern Junior League Round 1

Southern Junior League 2018 round 1

Cotswold A Final

Thank you to every one who helped! Hosting, we could not have done it without you!
Cotswold A final results

Cotswold Round 4

Junior gala results

Fun gala April 2018

Junior gala results

Fun gala April 2018

Junior gala results

David Bryant 2018

Dave Bryant Gala 2018

Cotswold Series Round 3 2018

cotswold 2018 round 3

Cotswold Series Round 2 2018

cotswold 2018 round 2

Junior Gala Feb 2018

Junior Gala Feb 2018

Race results for all lanes

Cotswold Series Round 1 2018

Cotswold Series 2018 Round 1

Mini series Round 1 2018

Mini Series 2018 Round 1

UBSC Challenge Cup, Finals

UBSC Challenge Cup 2017 Round 3

National Arena results, Finals

Overall results after round 3 (finals)

Points after round 3

December 2017 R3 Results

UBSC B results

UBSC A results

UBSC A overall results

Junior fun gala, 2nd December

Thank you to every one who helped – with three teams we needed lots of people!

1 Bristol Henleaze 239
2 Severnside Tritons 235
3 Norton Radstock 199
4 Penguins 2 178
5 Penguins 1 174
6 City of Bristol 170
7 Penguins 3 165
8 Bristol North 155

Junior fun gala Dec 2017 results

November 11th, 2017

Another busy weekend – again, two National Arena teams and a UBSC Challenge Cup.

Arena UBSC A results

Split Times UBSC A

UBSC B results


UBSC Challenge Cup Round 2

1 Bristol Penguins 233
2 Cinderford 175
3 Bristol Henleaze 155
4 Southwold 148
5 Bristol North 72

November 4th Novice gala

Novice gala 4th November 2017 results

October 14th, 2017

This was a busy weekend. As well as the UBSC Challenge Cup, where Penguins hosted, we also supported the UBSC National Arena A and B teams, at Exeter Pyramids and Hutton Moore.

Results from all of these follow.

UBSC Challenge Cup

Bristol Penguins 221
Cinderford 175
Bristol Henleaze 163
Southwold 151
Bristol North 69

UBSC Cup Round 1 results

National Arena: UBSC A

Main results

Split Times Round 1 2017

Results for Penguins swimmers only

National Arena: UBSC B

Main results

Results for Penguins swimmers only

Bristol North 2017

ASA South West Masters

Southern Junior League B Final

Click here for results

July time trial results

Click here: Time Trials July 2017

From the past … Tim Bratchell 2011


Southern Junior league round 2, 8th July 2017

Results are here

1 Keynsham 216
2 Trowbridge 167
3 Bristol Penguins 159
4 Devonport Royals 101
5 Southwold 75

Development gala 1st July 2017

Thank you to all those who helped: Deanne Fitzpatrick, Jo Colls, Kate Druett, Kiera/Jeremy Sneddon, Camila Broster, Lindsey Coode, Alastair Broster, Nathan Masters, Suzanne Lambert, Nigel Ratcliffe, Bruce Kirby, Mark Blakemore, Hazel Lopez, Faye Salt, Rachael Lucking, Rachel Evans, Andrea Tripp, Sophie Turner, Ben and Polly Mullen and Sue Rees.

Development gala july 2017

1 Swim Academy Burnham 1 243
2 Tritons Red 235
3 Henleaze 2 218
4 Bristol Penguins 1 193
5 Henleaze 1 175
6 Tritons Blue 155
7 Bristol Penguins 2 149
8 Swim Academy Burnham 2 139

Miniseries 18th June 2017

Miniseries Results round 4

1 Severnside Tritons 252
2 Clevedon 231
3 Weston super Mare 223
4 Backwell 199
5 Bristol Penguins 185
6 Soundwell 168
7 City of Bristol 161

Tim Bratchell 17th June 2017

Final points

Severnside Tritons 248

Penguins 204

B Henleaze 200

Backwell 190

AST Burnham 187

Wells 108

B North 102

Norton Radstock 76

Congratulations to Severnside Tritons on winning this – and to Penguins on coming second!


Thank you to all those who volunteered: Mark Crowther, Helen Crowther, Kevin Slocombe, Jenny Gardiner, Kelly Paterson, Polly Reynolds, Bex Dudley, Gerald Staddon, Nancy Mathias, Janine Parker, Michelle Warsop, Mark Chapman, and all the others from the other clubs – this meet probably had the best set of officials I have seen outside of an open meet. Special thank yous to Mark Chapman for helping out when he had intended to watch his daughter from the balcony, and to Gerald Staddon for stepping in to help with the recording desk and taking on leading it.

The results are here!



Southern Junior League Round 1, 10th June 2017

Great 2nd place in SJL tonight behind very strong Keynsham Swimming Club. Well done all swimmers and officials for a great gala!!

Results are here


1 Keynsham 260
2 Bristol Penguins 212
3 Severnside Tritons 202
4 Devonport Royal 144
5 Southwold 117
6 Bristol North 72

Time Trials May 14th 2017

Time trial results can be found here. As well as times/PBs there are notes where we observed stroke issues that would normally lead to a DQ in a gala.

Mini Series Round 3, May 13th 2017

Well done to everyone who took part in the mini series last night.

We finished a good third and it was great to win the final canon! We had a large team and it was a great team effort! We have a video of the canon which I can hopefully share with you all v soon.

As you may know this gala has cut off times. All swimmers were entered in events where they were ‘on paper’ slower than the cut off times for their individual events. Several swimmers actually swam faster than the cut off times including some of the relay teams – which was great: Felix Haydon-Turner, Rudy Down, Lucas Down, Ethan Manley, Lily Crowther and Sam Randall all receiving speeding tickets! There were lots of PBs and also, well done to Olivia Quick who did a very good 39 seconds for her first ever 50 fly.

Mini Series Round 3 Horfield 13th May 2017 results

David Bryant Memorial Gala 2017

A big thank you to everyone who helped. From Penguins they were Andrew Brown, Deanne Fitzpatrick, Zoe Hutton-Priscott, Rebecca Monks, Lisa Denyer, Selina Hodey, Robert Forsey, Adrian Clarkson, Jennine Parker, Vashti Wyatt, Jess Warren, Holly Morgan Jones, Karine Haywood, Michelle Weaver, Jo Bangoura, Claire Mullens, Ute Leonards, Steve Jones, Myles Stevens, Sue Rees, Jessica Reynolds, Ben Mullen, and Polly Mullen. If I have left anyone out, sorry! A further big thank you to Gerald Staddon from Bristol North who came to help, despite Bristol North not taking part, and who that evening went through the results to correct errors.

The final results were

1 Cirencester 298
2 Severnside 241
3 Southwold 233
4 Henleaze A 208
5 Academy Swim Team Burnham 200
6 Bristol Penguins 2 191
7 Bristol Penguins 1 162
8 Henleaze B 137

David Byrant Memorial Gala 6th May 2017 results


Cotswold B Final – Pontypool



It was tense and exciting gala. After a strong start the team got even faster and held top spot throughout the gala. The team relays were outstanding.

1 Bristol Penguins 248
2 Bristol Henleaze 199
3 Cinderford 184
4 Bridgewater 177
5 Brockworth 148
6 Burnham on Sea 135

Click here for the results

Cotswold Round 4 – Easton

We were hosting this, so needed lots of volunteers. Thank you to all who responded! Jo Somer, David Cousins, Jeremy Dudley, Sue Rees, Kevin Slocombe, Lee Denyer, Hilary Miller, Brian Hennicker, Myles Stevens, Jonathan Lucas, Ludwine Garside, Josh Jobbins, Scott Tanner, Sarah Sprague, Jude Liberman, Gwin Lloyd, and Lisa Denyer.

1 City of Bristol 158
2 Bristol Penguins 138
3 Cheddar 124
4 Bristol Henleaze 94


Cotswolds Round 4 results

Development Gala, March 11th, Horfield.

Congratulations to all those who swam. Penguins had two teams, which took 1st and 2nd places.


Thank you also to all those who helped:

Helen Crowther, Sarah Sprague, Zoe Hutton-Priscott, Steve/Emma Bent, Valeria Germini, Hannah Bourne, Kiera/Jeremy Sneddon, Caroline Orriss, Rachel Evans, Adrian Clarkson, Lizzy Charnock, Neil Hopes, Annette Britton, Vashti Wyatt, Nathan Masters, Hazel Lopez, Gayle Simpson, Sandie Cheshire, Rosie O’Brien, Chris Store, Myles Stevens, Sue Rees, Ben and Polly Mullen. If I’ve left anyone out, apologies.

The final results were

1 Bristol Penguins 1 260
2 Bristol Penguins 2 253
3 Bristol Henleaze 228
4 Cirencester 224
5= Burnham Swim Academy 220
5= Severnside Tritons 220
7 City of Bristol 202
8 Bristol North 107

Development Gala March 11th 2017 results

Cotswold Round 3 – Lydney

1 Backwell 145
2 Clevedon 144
3 Bristol Penguins 137
4 Lydney 90

Cotswold Series 2017 Round 3 results

Cotswold Round 2 – Pontypool


Bath Dolphins

2 Bristol Penguins 137
3 Brockworth 133
4 Cwmbran 99

Cotswolds Series 2017 Round 2 results


Time Trial Results, 4th February 2017

Swimmers results

Lots of PBs and times close to PBs.

Development gala, 28th January 2017

A close competition, with a well-deserved winner.

Thank you to all the parents who helped: Sarah Sprague, Sarah Paul, Holly Morgan Jones, Valeria Germini, Robert Forsey, Becca Monks, Neil Hopes, Zoe Wood, Rebekah Murray, Jonathan Lucas, Sophie Turner, Sue Rees, Vashti Wyatt, Stig Telfer, Julie Eden, Andrew Murray, Katrina Loughlin, Kath Jago, Gayle Simpson, Lindsey Rees, Colin Aitken Eades, Polly Mullen, Ben Mullen. If I have missed anyone, apologies – let me know and I will add you to the list.

1 Academy Swim Team Burnham 265
2 Henleaze A 247
3 CoB white 245
4 Backwell 235
5 BristolPenguins 1 226
6 Bristol Penguins 2 221
7 Henleaze B 216
8 CoB blue 160

The results are here

Cotswold Series 2017 Round 1: Cheddar

Cotswold Series 2017 Round 1

National Arena Round 3 – 10th December

A team results

B team results

Splits for A and B team


UBSC Challenge Cup Round 3 results


Novice gala results – 3rd December

A big thank you to everyone who helped.

Development gala results

National Arena Round 2 – 12th November

Results for the A team are available. The individual events, including the results from the other clubs, are here and the split results can be found here.

UBSC B results – no splits available.

UBSC Challenge Cup Round 2 results


David Bryant – 5th November 2016

David Bryant was a volunteer for Penguins who died while he was still with us. We have been hosting these memorial galas for many years.

This gala was held at Horfield, with eight teams competing. It was a fun event, with the results fairly close.

A big thank you to all those people who stepped in to help with the gala, both on the officials side and with the non-officials side – the drinks were highly appreciated. A big thank you to the desk recorders, as they were new to the job and worked hard to keep up with the flow of results. The final result saw Penguins come 4th.

1 Severnside Tritons 338
2 Cirencester 305
3 Burnham Academy 275
4 Bristol Penguins 267
5 Weston super Mare 247
6 Bristol Henleaze 227
7 Southwold 193
8 Norton Radstock 140

The results are here.

National Arena Round 1 – 8th October 2016

Last Saturday saw Penguins swimmers competing across 3 different galas and showed the amazing strength in depth that the club as developed over the past couple of years!

First up was a trip to Newport for the first gala in the Premier Division of the National Arena League representing the United Bristol A team. This was a trip into the unknown after last years promotion. We were competing against the 4th best team in the Country in City of Cardiff and last years 4th place Western Premier League team in Swansea Aquatics. There would also be the established Premier Division teams of Exeter City, Weston-super-Mare and Keynsham.

This would be an incredibly high standard of swimmer at this gala and although there were many amazing PB’s from swimmers throughout all the age groups we finished in 6th place but with a solid points tally and just 3 points away from Keynsham. Swims of the afternoon (from a Penguins perspective) were arguably from Milly W-G (4 sec PB 100 Breast), Ellen Parker (2 sec PB 50 Breast), Owen Manley (2 sec PB 100 Breast) and Charlie S-P (2 sec PB 100 Fly and 4 sec PB 100 Breast).

Final scores were:

City of Cardiff 252
Swansea Aquatics 217
Exeter City 167
Weston-super-Mare 149
Keynsham 130
United Bristol A 127

This will place the team in 14th place (out of 18 teams) after the 1st round after arguably the toughest gala of the 3 that took place.

The second gala of the day was at Horfield and again Penguins swimmers were competing in the National Arena League, this time for the United Bristol B team in Division 2. The B team looked stronger than last year and so it proved s UBSC B and Dawlish were locked at the top of the leaderboard after 18 events. As the gala went on Dawlish showed their strength through the individual events and pulled away whilst we consolidated our position in 2nd. The team finished in a very credible 2nd place (out of 8 teams) which will now put us in 3rd place in the league.

Swims of the night (from a Penguins perspective) were from Mimi Lloyd-Simms (3 sec PB 100 Fly), Max Wakefield (3 sec PB 100 Back), Sam Randall (6 sec PB 100 Free), Millie Silcox (3 sec PB 100 Breast).

Final Points were:

Dawlish 338
United Bristol B 299
Tiverton 261
Celtic Dolphins 243
Bristol North 200
West Wilts Force 5 B 177
Bridgewater 168
Weymouth 98

The results can be found here:



Split results

UBSC Challenge Cup Round 1

The final gala of the day was the UBSC Cup 1st round at Easton Leisure Centre that Penguins hosted. Although we had supplied 40+ swimmers to the United Bristol Arena League teams we still were able to field a strong team in this gala. We were swimming against fellow United Bristol feeder club Bristol Henleaze and 4 other clubs who are not in the National Arena League so were able to field their strongest swimmers.

The team managed to gain a very respectable 2nd place finish behind Backwell.

Final points were:

Backwell 236
Bristol Penguins 219
Bristol Henleaze 186
Cinderford 179
Wells 158
Cwmbran 132

Thank you to all the swimmers who competed over the course of the day. Everyone put in 100% effort and swam really well. Also a great thank you to all the officials and helpers at all 3 galas. Without your support we would not be able to support the swimmers in being able to compete in these galas.

A great start to the season and hopefully all the swimmers involved (and those that were not involved this time) can build upon this for the 2nd round of galas on Saturday 12th November.

Thanks and well done

Jon and David

Results for UBSC Round 1

Southern Junior League Round 3

Results are here

Novice gala, July 2016


Southern Junior League Rounds 1 and 2

Results are here for Round 1.

Results are for Round 2.

Time Bratchel Results

Thank you to all the parents who helped: Jennine Phillips, Debbie Stagg, Jenny Gardiner, Rose Leather, Gerri Pearce, Jeannette Kelly, Sue Manley, Jo Soteriou, and Matt David. If I have left anyone off, sorry, it’s the passage of time while the website has been off line!

The results are available by clicking here.


Penguins Primary School Final Gala

The results for individual swimmers are here. Well done to all swimmers who took part.


Cotswold A Final

Penguins qualified for the A Final. The team came 6th, but narrowly missed 5th or even 4th, as many of the relay teams were too fast for the level of the gala. Well done to all who swam, and a big thank you to all who swam, not just tonight but in all the qualifying rounds, and all the people who helped the team and at galas.

The final results were

Cirencester 270
Cheddar 254
Cinderford 230
Bishopsworth 225
Clevedon 217
Bristol Penguins 216
Wellington 212
Bristol Henleaze 196

The results are here

Time trial results – May 8th

Lots of PBs and swims close to PBs. Some people had set new PBs at the SJL gala on the previous day (see below) and were not able, in the space of 24 hours, to break those PBs. There were some impressive improvements from the younger swimmers.

There are notes made on stroke infringements, but we have not taken any of this as a DQ – if you have a note, please use it as reminder of things to avoid so that you do not get DQed in a competitive gala.

The results are here

For the link academy: I used the names as recorded on the evening. I can update if you e-mail me any changes that you would like made.

Southern Junior League Warmup Gala 7 May 2016

Well done to everyone who took part in the gala yesterday. We achieved an amazing 1st and 3rd in the gala. There were lots of impressive swims across all age groups from those new to competitive swimming to older swimmers who have worked hard in training to record new PBs. Also, it was great to see the younger swimmers step up to the 50m events and I hope these sort of events will help prepare them for other competitions to follow. Likewise those with little gala experience supported the team well in the relays and I’m sure these swimmers will go on to be selected to take part in individual races very soon. Finally, it was also very pleasing that we had so many volunteers on the day to not only host the gala but also to run two teams. Thank you to everyone who made the gala so successful – we had positive comments from visiting clubs.

Thank you to DeAnne Mitchell and Jenny Gardiner for their work in organising the gala – booking the pool, liaising with other clubs, chasing swimmers and volunteers.

Thank you to all those who helped:
Helen Crowther, Neil Hopes, Ben Mullen, Polly Mullen, Rachel Evans, Matt Davis, Hazel Lopez, Jez Gibson, Jude Liberman, Nathan Masters, Rob Forsey, Sarah Sprague, Sue Rees, Jonathan Lucas, Kevin Slocombe, Adrian Clarkson, Jess Aston, Mark Aston, Hilary Miller, Camila Broster, Simon Garside, Rebecca Monks, Tracey Henniker, Sharon Eynon, Sam Hargreaves, Polly Reynolds, and Rosie O’Brien. If I have left anyone off, apologies.

Thank you also to all the clubs who provided officials, and especially to Cirencester (drinks), Bristol Central (announcer) and Bristol North (desk recording).

The final scores are

Bristol Penguins 2 276
Cirencester 267
Bristol Penguins 1 246
Academy Swim Team Burnham on Sea 223
Bristol Henleaze 211
Bristol Central 193
Lydney 183
Bristol North

The results can be downloaded here

Cotswolds Round 4 April 2016

Well done to all who swam. This put Penguins into the A Final.
There are no split times – volunteers to help with splits are welcome for all galas.
The results are here.
Congratulations to Mimi LS on setting a new club record.

Backwell 150
Bishopsworth 144
Bristol Penguins 111
Minehead 88

School link gala

Results provided by David Cousins.

Cotswolds Round 3 March 2016

A close result, with only seven points separating us from the winners. Thank you to Gwin Lloyd and Jennine Phillips for help with officiating, and to Tony Wall for helping Jon with the team management.

The detailed results are here

Norton Radstock 138
Cinderford 136
Bristol Penguins 131
Bridgewater 116

Novice gala March 2016

Thank you to all those parents who helped: Ben Mullen, Melaine Jonik, Teresa Swift, Dan Smith, Puspa Pant, Katie Janssen, Helen Randall, Rachael Swonnell; Becca Monks, Michelle Weaver, Phillipa Denham, Lizzie Higginson, Jorge Perez Jimenez, and Andrew Brown. And, of course, Sue Rees, who does starting, drinks management, forms management, provides the safety information we need, and general advice. Also a big thank you to Jenny Gardiner, who liaised with the seven other clubs and arranged bookings, and Polly Mullen, who sorted out swimmers and rounded up volunteers while organising other galas at the same time. And, as a final thank you, to all the judges provided by the seven other clubs – without them, as our own volunteers, we cannot run these galas. Running was made smooth by every club providing the agreed timekeeper + judge, and a big thank you to those clubs that provided additional judges.

Results are here

Cotswold Gala Round 2, 5 March 2016

Congratulations to all on a good result. we had five technical disqualifications for five relay teams being too fast, and came third by one point. After two rounds Penguins is at the top of the league, which will make the next two rounds interesting to see if Penguins will make the A final.

The results are here

Junior Fun Gala January 2016

Thank you to all those parents who helped: Kate Druett, Katri Walker, Sylvia Bouaka, Rosie
O’Brien, Annette Billing, Simon Garside, Michelle Weaver, Bettina Ely, Sarah Oakley, Melaine Jonik, Linsey Coode, Jonathan Lucas, Steve Fitzpatrick, Gillian Alexander-Davis, Andrew Brown, Lizzie Twentyman, Rob Forsey, Kirstin Whitney, Helen Shore, Sharon Harris, Myles Stevens, Helen Crowther, Polly Mullen, Ben Mullen, Sara Paul, Ellie Bordeaux, Jude Liberman, and as always our rock, Sue Rees. If I have missed anyone, apologies, and please let me know. Thank you to Polly for sorting out volunteers. These galas cannot be run without your help – and the help from the other clubs taking part.

And so to the results: it was a good gala, with some good swims, many new swimmers, lots of new personal bests and swimmers enjoying themselves. For the details of swimmers, times, places and a marker for personal bests, click the link below.

Junior fun gala January 2016


The results of the recent time trials can be found by clicking on this link: jan_2016_time_trials


UBSC Level 1 Open Meet January 2016


UBSC ran another very successful level 1 Open meet on 9th and 10th January 2016 at Hengrove Leisure Park. During the exciting skins event Andrew Weatheritt from Loughborough broke the 50m Freestyle record with a new time of 22.97s. UBSC swimmers swam well and posted some good new times. It is great that we are competing strongly in a high level event such as this. Results can be found here: UBSC L1 open meet results.


Results from previous seasons

Please contact Jeremy Dudley on if you would like any results from seasons previous to the current 2015-2016 swimming season.