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Updating your details on the Active site

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See the following letter from our treasurer, for payment, squad changes, and accessing the Active site.

Log on to the Active website

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Swimming goggles

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For every pair of goggles bought using the code ‘PENGUINS10’ Bristol Penguins Swim Club will receive £5. All of their goggles feature advanced anti-fog technology, 180-degree vision with the curved lens and they’re completely watertight! 


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It’s almost party time


The Penguins Christmas party will be taking place on Friday the 15th December at the Rose Green Centre. 65 Gordon Road, Bristol BS5 7DR.

Starting at 7pm til late. Trophies from the Club Championships and Swimmers of the Year and Emerging Swimmer of the Year will be presented at about 8pm. 

An American buffet will be available so please could you all bring a plate of party food to lay on the table for us all to enjoy . Also delicious cakes have been made for all. 

There will be a disco and a visit from Father Christmas!

Also, a raffle on the evening so please could you donate a prize for our raffle table. 

Please could you kindly email me (Gemma) to confirm numbers – . I look forward to seeing you all on the night .🎉🎊🎈🎄🐧 Would be great to everyone at the party from Swim Academy all the way through to Masters! There will be no training on the evening of Friday 15th Dec as everyone will be at the party!

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Penguins joins the City of Bristol Network of Swimming Clubs

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We are delighted to advise you, with immediate effect, Bristol Penguins Olympic SC will be joining the City of Bristol Network of Swimming Clubs.

This will provide an additional opportunity to Bristol Penguins Swimmers, who meet the criteria, to move to performance swimming at COB, in addition to the current UBSC route.

Bristol Penguins will be working very closely with COB to develop opportunities for its swimmers and the development of the club.

The Chairman of Bristol Penguins – Ben Mullen – will be joining the City of Bristol SC Aquatics Board

This is a great step forward for the development of the City of Bristol Network of Swimming Clubs

Mike Pearce – Chairman of COB said “We are extremely excited by the news which will facilitate many more swimmers in the Bristol area having access to our successful performance pathway. I am sure Bristol Penguins will be a valued asset to the COB Network of Swimming Clubs and we look forward to sharing future success with them as we build on last season’s excellent and record breaking results”.

Ben Mullen – Chairman of Bristol Penguins said “Bristol Penguin Olympic Swimming Club is delighted to join the City of Bristol Network of Swimming Clubs and the opportunity to link with this established and increasingly successful performance pathway. We very much look forward to being part of the collaborative network and the wider role to help develop swimming provision across the competitive spectrum”

Matt Puddy – Swimming Head Coach COB said “Our coaching network is delighted to welcome Bristol Penguins into the set-up. Together the City and surrounding area is stronger. Collectively our network of clubs support each other to develop strength and sustainability that will provide increased and quality opportunities for people to participate at all levels in the sport of swimming. The addition of Bristol Penguins to our network will only enhance the overall aquatics pathway in the area which is based at Hengrove’s International Swimming Pool. Also ensuring further high performance results through effective athlete development and collaborative coaching”

Josh Jobbins – Bristol Penguins Head Coach said “City of Bristol Aquatics provides a strong and ever improving performance environment for which I’m sure our fastest and most dedicated swimmers will strive to be a part of. In addition to this, I know myself and the coaching team at Penguins are excited to become part of this wider network as we work to improve the provision for all club swimmers.

Ben Mullen – Chairman Bristol Penguins Olympic SC
Mike Pearce – City of Bristol Aquatics

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2016 Christmas break dates

Last session: Friday 23rd December 2016

Xmas Break

First session back: Tuesday 3rd January 2017

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Brean Swimcamp, October halfterm

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We had a fun time at the swim camp. Getting there on the Friday was a minor nightmare, as half of the UK was driving down the M5 to go on to Devon and Cornwall.

The children had three evening swim sessions and two morning land activities on the beach, led by Jon Falco with support from Sam Hill. Sunday was given over to making short movie trailers.

If you have access to the Penguins Facebook page you can see some of these trailers. If you don’t have access please contact Sam Hill for details.


















Club captains for 2016

Club Captains

Oscar, Emma, Patrick and Lily

Swim Coach Vacancy

As a result of an expanding programme we are looking to appoint a swimming coach to add to the team. More details can be found on the vacancies page.

Gloucestershire County Championships (Blocks)

For 2017 there will be qualifying times (entry guaranteed) and conditional times (entry dependent upon space; each event has a time limit, so if too many swimmers apply then swimmers with conditional times may not have their entry accepted).

There are two additional changes worthy of note.

If you use a swim hat then the hat must be a Penguins or neutral hat. Any other affiliation – UBSC, school or previous swimming club – will not be accepted. ‘Neutral’ hats include Gloucester County ASA hats, hats for swimming at regions/national arena/nationals, manufacturer’s logos …

The second is that if you win a medal you must wear a shirt (preferably a Penguins shirt) when you go up to collect your medal.

The web site

We had a problem with the web site recently, where we lost some material. If you find any problems with this site please do e-mail us with the details and we will correct the problem. We are working to fix faulty links, missing images, and getting the content back up to date.

Volunteering Opportunity

Penguins have a great opportunity coming up to enable parents/carers or swimmers over the age of 16 to train as either a swimming teacher or coach. We are hoping to get enough interest to be able to run the course within Penguins sessions to enable people to train on site at sessions they would already be attending. The club relies on volunteers for coaching, teaching, officiating and admin Please email Hayley Porter at if you are interested or would like more information.


 ASA ruling on the wearing of jewellery

We have received a number of queries recently regarding swimmers wearing jewellery during competition.

There is no FINA Rule that specifically prohibits the wearing of jewellery.

However the following do need to be taken into consideration:

  • Watches

SW10.16 – No pace-making shall be permitted, nor may any device be used or plan adopted which has that effect.

  • Power Bands

SW 10.8 – No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device or swimsuit that may aid his/her speed, buoyancy or endurance during a competition (such as webbed gloves, flippers, fins, power bands, or adhesive substances, etc.). Goggles may be worn. Any kind of tape on the body is not permitted unless approved by FINA Sport Medicine Committee.

The definition of ‘power bands’ is not provided by FINA.  Web research will show lots of articles about power balance bands which are basically silicone wrist bands containing a hologram.  In other sports, players can be seen with tape wrapped tightly above/below muscles particularly on arms and legs, it supposedly helps to protect from muscle cramps or over exertion in much the same way as swimmers used to wear two tight fitting suits. However, this rule is not intended to prevent the wearing of charity wristbands, friendship bracelets, bits of string, hair bobbles or any similar items which swimmers may choose to wear. It would therefore be for the Referee to determine whether or not any item being worn can be classified as a ‘power band’, bearing in mind the opportunity for the swimmer to protest if disqualified for wearing the item and the need for the Referee to then justify their action.

  • Each Home Nation has specific Health & Safety guidance which covers jewellery and officials should make themselves familiar with this.

The ASA guidance is to remove all jewellery.

The ASA have released a presentation for parents on swimming. Supporting the developing age group swimmer is available at the following link: south_west_region_parents_talk_2015